Diligence is essential when it comes to Ray. At Ray, each partner works in harmony, we always appreciate honesty and determination to contribute to the development of your company and career. We always strive to work with you to complete your goals and projects, and promote your passion for work.

You consider the factors if you really want to be a member of Ray’s family.

You want the opportunity to advance.

You want a stable job.

You love solving problems.

You want to follow your passion in your work.

You aspire to work in a professional school.

You want to know your catalyst in delivering applications in life.

You want to change your current situation.

And you want to make a beneficial impact on the environment.

Works at Ray

In return for your spirit of working with your expertise, Ray provides a professional and challenging work environment. You will receive a full range of programs, policies, salaries and benefits when joining us.

We are committed to always bring added value to you.

Health benefits

At Ray, we understand that you need to be healthy to work, we guarantee that we will always provide a comprehensive checkup package for each member according to its annual period.


We are committed to fully refunding wages and bonuses to all members of Ray’s family. Therefore, you can rest assured in the process of working with us.


We always encourage and appreciate breakthrough ideas and initiatives that help change a process, a project, or a plan… to bring about high efficiency in work. In return, you will receive well-deserved rewards for your creative efforts.

Other support

Outside of work, Ray’s family members always try to bring a long-term attachment environment. Ray’s ability to help associates outside of work will be seriously considered.

Work environment

At Ray, we always want things to get better. Therefore, we will always accompany you to create a more interesting, professional and effective working environment.